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Cruise Lines That Serve Halal Food

Cruise Lines That Serve Halal Food

There are currently more than 300 cruise ships in operation worldwide. The idea that cruise ships might be used for more than just business and transportation purposes didn’t seem all that far-fetched as people learned how much fun a holiday at sea could be.

With millions of passengers each year, cruising has developed a thriving sector in the tourism business. Due to rising consumer demand, there is now a market for vacation cruises.

Like everyone else, many Muslims take vacations on cruise ships, so Halal food has to be offered. The diversity of the passengers grew over time, making it more hospitable to individuals from many ethnic groups, which inevitably led to a growth in the number of people having vacations on the water.

Cruise Offering For Everyone

As the cruise business expanded more quickly than ever before and ethnic diversity rose, cruise companies began offering services for persons with specific requirements. Since cruise companies offer more than just transportation, their recreational offerings must be appealing to virtually everyone, which brings us to the subject of food!

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The nicest elements of any travel are without a doubt the food and getting to know different cultures. Without question, cruises add to that experience.

Halal Food

halal food options

The majority of cruise lines offer meals that are suitable for vegan, kosher, halal, and vegetarian diets. Everyone should be able to access special diets wherever, and cruise companies have assumed this responsibility to ensure this as well as a more enjoyable dining experience on cruise lines. The good news is halal food is now being served on many cruise ships, and some of them have even been certified.

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Cruise Lines Offering Halal Food

Cruise lines must purchase specialized ingredients. They have a limited supply that can only be transported onboard in specific ports. So inform the travel agency or cruise line of your dietary restrictions as soon as you make your reservation. For most lines, food requests must be made 45 to 90 days in advance; get in touch with the line’s accessible travel department. Foods that are halal are becoming more accessible, so no one needs to restrict themselves while on vacation.

Below are the cruise lines that offer halal alternatives on the lunch and dinner menus:

Genting Dream Cruises (Depart From Singapore)

The new Genting Dream Cruise from Resorts World Cruises is the first cruise ship in the world to include a halal-certified kitchen. The first OIC/SMIIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation/ Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries) standard halal-friendly cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean International

Exclusively serves Halal meat on cruises leaving from Singapore and Dubai.
Only the main dining area serves meat that is halal. They provide Halal meat, either beef (steak) or poultry, not Halal “meals.” Fill out the ‘special needs’ form to request halal meat 90 days before sailing.

Disney Cruise

For Halal meals, the request has to be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the sail date. Dietary requests notated on your reservation will not be automatically applied at our quick-service meal locations or through in-room dining. Once on board the ship, please be sure to:

  • Visit the onboard dining session that is available on the day of embarkation.
  • Even if you mentioned it while making a reservation, please let the dining team know when placing an order at any of their dining locations.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offer Halal meals on board all ships in its fleet, which represents Celebrity Cruises in the Middle East. The luxury cruise line has made special efforts to introduce Halal meals in the main dining room.

Departing Cruises From The Middle East

Halal food will be served in all cruise line dining outlets throughout the ship if departing from the Middle East.

Asia/Far East-Departing Cruises

Cruises departing from Far East Asia locations like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia have halal food options. Please check with the cruise line in advance before booking.

Please Note: Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, halaltouring assumes no liability for any information error or takes responsibility for halal food served on cruises.

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Cruise Line That Serves Halal Food

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