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Halal-Friendly Cruise Destinations

Halal-Friendly Cruise Destinations

Halal-Friendly Cruise Destinations

The question is, are cruises halal-friendly?

So what does the itinerary look like? Will the ship be arriving at or departing from a destination you feel comfortable visiting? Is it Muslim-friendly? How about the port stops? Are they mostly in a place or countries that you feel at ease visiting? What are the halal food options? Will you be comfortable in a hijab, if you wear one?

Depending on your travel preferences, here is the list of ideal halal-friendly cruise destinations that will keep you true to your faith and identity.

The Maldives

the maldives

This stunning archipelago, which is made up of about 1,200 tropical islands, is the ideal destination for individuals seeking to get away from the stress of daily life. The Maldives is famous for its white sand beaches, coconut palms, turquoise waters, and rich marine life. On top of that, the Maldives is a Muslim country and so experiencing a halal-friendly environment there is easy.

The Maldives is not a major destination for cruise ships. However, cruises to the Maldives are amazing because they are typically pretty long and exceptionally varied. They may include ports on the coast of eastern Africa, in the Middle East, and in Asia. This makes for a highly exotic cruise experience, particularly if you’re used to vacationing in North America or Europe. Every year, different cruise lines offer voyages to the Maldives. Among the companies that send ships to the location most frequently are Holland America, Oceania Cruises, Ponant, and Costa Cruises.


muslim-friendly destinations

Turkey is another great halal-friendly destination for Muslims. The country is home to many beautiful mosques and offers a wide variety of activities and attractions to enjoy together. Turkey is a Muslim country and the majority of Turkey’s population is Muslim. One of the most popular destinations in Turkey is Istanbul, which is home to some of the world’s most famous historical landmarks.

Turkey is featured on Eastern Mediterranean cruises. The Mediterranean cruise season lasts from late April to October, although a few ships cruise the region year-round. Many international cruise ships like Celebrity cruises call at Turkish ports, especially Istanbul and Kuşadası, with fewer calls at Dikili on the north Aegean coast and Antalya on the Mediterranean coast.

Cruises in Turkey show off the beauty and the country’s splendid antiquities. Istanbul’s rich Byzantine and Ottoman history is embodied in sites such as the sixth-century Hagia Sofia church, and the Blue Mosque. Venture to the islands’ interiors, snorkel in the seas and enjoy the luxury of some of the top cruises available in Turkey.

If you have a really long flight to take to get to your port of departure, the best is that you get there at least one or two days before your cruise from Turkey. This will give you some time to relax and orient yourself before getting on the cruise.

Cruises That Visit Turkey

Cruises That Depart From Turkey


halal places

Malaysia is a vibrant nation with a blend of firmly established Islamic culture and the modern world. It provides magnificent cities, delectable cuisine, spotless beaches, tranquil islands, and vast national parks. As it is believed that the country has been defined by its equatorial rain forests having the most ancient ecosystems on earth, this destination is a true delight for its visitors. Malaysia offers exciting cruise vacations and has coastlines on the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca. 

Travelers are drawn to Malaysia by the luxurious lodgings and warm welcome offered on cruises there. Check out the best cruises in the country one must not miss out on while holidaying in Malaysia.

Cruises That Visit Malaysia

Cruises That Depart From Malaysia

Dubai, UAE

travle to muslim halal place

In the world, there aren’t many destinations like Dubai that provide a wide range of vacation opportunities. This makes it one of the most ideal travel destinations, regardless of your travel preferences.

Dubai offers a mix of traditional and modern culture that fascinates and delights you. As the UAE is a Muslim country, you don’t have to worry about halal amenities.

This Middle Eastern city is home to some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world. Some resorts even have private beaches that are alcohol-free and offer women-only swimming pools.

On popular Middle Eastern cruise routes across the Arabian Gulf or through the Arabian Peninsula to the Red Sea and Suez Canal, Dubai continues to be a prominent port of embarkation (as well as the port of call). Even if your cruise doesn’t begin or end there, you’re likely to have an overnight.

The season spans from October to May, and European cruise lines like Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises, P&O Cruises, and AIDA Cruises are particularly popular during this time. Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises also have a presence here all winter long. Dubai is possibly the greatest place to begin if you’re seeking a view of the contemporary Middle East and want a guarantee that your holiday will be Muslim-friendly.

Cruises That Visit Dubai

Cruises That Depart From Dubai


halal-friendly cruise destination

Indonesia, the largest nation in Southeast Asia, is made up of more than 17,000 islands. The nation is a well-liked tourism destination due to its rich culture and varied scenery.

Most of Indonesia is Muslim, so the country has ample amenities for halal holidays. You never have to worry about searching for halal restaurants or mosques.

Amazing Indonesia is an island country that provides travelers with some very exceptional experiences. With beautiful islands, immaculate beaches, blue waters, unexplored forests, and rare wildlife. The adventure opportunities are also countless. One such thrilling experience is the cruise in Indonesia. Taking a small ship cruise trip should be at the top of your to-do list if you ever travel to this location.

Cruises That Visit Indonesia

Cruises That Depart From Indonesia

Other Small Ship Cruises In Indonesia

Here are the 5 most popular small ship cruises in Indonesia that you can also experience on your trip to this unique Island nation:

1. Katharina

A traditional ‘Pinisi’ vessel of Indonesia that has been designed as an elegant yacht. It takes cultural trips through the Eastern Indonesian archipelago several times a year.

2. Ombak Putih

Set out on an adventurous Indonesian cruise journey in Komodo on the Mega Buana phinisi. With six rooms with twin bunk beds, this 27-meter-long vessel can comfortably fit 12 people. This is a wonderful choice for a tour on an Indonesian cruise that is affordable.

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3. Plataran Phinisi Felicia

Plataran Phinisi Felicia is a super spacious boat for cruising from Labuan Bajo. With 4 twin cabins with bunk beds and 2 master suites, the boat is a perfect choice for families, couples, and groups of friends.

4. Plataran Phinisi Felicia Ambasi

Experience a luxury cruise journey to the incredible Komodo National Park on the Plataran Phinisi Felicia Ambasi. This year-round service provides one of the most popular adventure cruises in Indonesia.

5. Komodo Cruise Anema

Enjoy a 5-star cruise tour to Komodo National Park on the luxurious The Komodo Cruise Anema. This is an ideal choice for small families or groups for a wildlife excursion to this unique Indonesian national park.

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Halal-Friendly Cruise Destinations

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