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Afternoon Cruise Along The Bosphorus Strait

Afternoon Cruise Along The Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorus, Istanbul

If a trip to Istanbul, Turkey is on your bucket list, you won’t want to miss the top selections for the best-enjoying chances in Istanbul. The Bosphorus Strait borders Istanbul. This is where two continents collide. This is the body of water that divides Asia from Europe. Taking a Bosphorus cruise tour, which offers an overview of the city’s finest landmarks, is one of the highlights of any vacation to Istanbul.

It’s impressive to see the Bosphorus Straits. The strait, which is frequently mistaken for the Bosphorus River, is actually a natural sea waterway that links the Sea of Marmara to the south with the Black Sea to the north. The length of the Bosphorus is 31 kilometers (19 miles). At its broadest point, it is 3420 meters (2.1 miles) across, while at its narrowest point, it is 700 meters (765 yards) across. These are truly the world’s narrowest straits, allowing for important international travel (i.e., large container ships).

About 20 percent of the population of Istanbul (15 million people) cross the strait every day. The Bosphorus Strait is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world. Nearly 200 long-distance vessels travel through the straits each day, and thousands of smaller vessels cross the waters every day. Travelers can also cruise from Istanbul on several smaller cruise lines to explore the Mediterranean.

The strait is praised for its abundance of historic Byzantine and Ottoman sites, as well as the stunning views of Istanbul, in addition to its natural beauty.

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What To Expect

Istanbul, Turkey

During your visit to Istanbul, take a half-day boat along the Bosphorus Strait for a special experience. Learn about this well-known waterway that divides Istanbul into its European and Asian halves. Enjoy some excellent nibbles while taking in sights like Dolmabahce Palace and Rumeli Fortress. View the stunning Golden Horn, a horn-shaped inlet surrounded by the domes and minarets of the city. Take a beautiful journey on the Teleferik cable car to the Pierre Loti Coffee House for panoramic views.

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Highlights Of The Bosphorus Strait Cruise

Bosphorus strait cruise
  • With this half-day tour along the Bosphorus Strait, see Istanbul from an entirely different angle. After being picked up from your hotel in the city, you will head straight to the pier to board the boat.
  • You are free to unwind and take pictures as you float along this natural river that connects Europe and Asia once the voyage has started.
  • Help yourself to some filling snacks as you take in the sweeping views of Istanbul’s skylines, with the massive skyscrapers and colorful buildings bordered by the city’s lush forests and tranquil blue waters.
  • Look for some well-known tourist attractions including the Rumeli Fortress, a sizable stone building perched on a hill, and the lavish Dolmabahce Palace, which functioned as the major administrative hub of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Following the trip, you’ll board a bus to the Teleferik Cable Car Station, where you may admire the majestic Golden Horn, the Bosphorus’ main inlet. Take a beautiful ride on the cable car to the Pierre Loti Coffee House, where the French author Pierre Loti found inspiration.
  • Before you return to the city and are dropped off at your accommodation, take in this unmatched perspective of the neighborhood, with breathtaking vistas spanning down to the Galata Tower and the Galata Bridge that is supposed to have served as inspiration for the author’s literary classic “Aziyadé.”

Sailing the Bosphorus Strait is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you won’t forget and don’t want to miss!

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