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Questions About Your First Cruise

Questions About Your First Cruise

questions about first cruise trip

It is entirely up to you how much information you want to learn before your first cruise. Some visitors want to be spontaneous and don’t conduct any advanced study on their destinations. Others research cruise advice for first-timers and plan exciting excursions. But there are still many typical cruise questions that need to be addressed, particularly for the many first-timers who have yet to step foot on a contemporary cruise ship.

Here are the top common questions that we continue to receive in that regard:

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On My First Cruise, Where Should I Go?

Consider taking a quick cruise to Key West and the Bahamas if you’re just available for a few days and want to test the waters first. First-time cruisers will love these friendly, welcoming ports, which offer delicious cuisine, warm weather, and activities that are both relaxing and exciting.

If you are an experienced traveler looking for a fresh approach to enjoying your favorite destinations, think about taking a Mediterranean cruise. A cruise ship acts as a floating hotel, transporting passengers between stunning coastal cities as they indulge in world-class culinary creations and unwind in luxuriously appointed staterooms and suites. The trouble of planning transportation between destinations is removed.

Will I Be Seasick?

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It’s possible, it can happen but probably not. In general, cruise lines look for warm, quiet waters, particularly in the Caribbean in winter and the Mediterranean in summer and autumn. They go long way and spend a lot of effort to avoid major storms. Additionally, ships are equipped with stabilizers to assist maintain everything on a level keel. After the first few days at sea, you won’t even notice the slight motion. The adventuring kind of cruises do travel to more challenging areas, but even then, serious bad weather is the exception rather than the norm. Keeping some motion sickness medicine is also a great idea for any nervous cruiser.

What Travel Documents Am I Going To Need?

A passport is necessary for travel to many foreign countries. It’s usually a good idea to pack a passport, even if the place you’re going doesn’t require one. In case you need to get home fast and need to arrange a flight to get there. If traveling internationally, do your research to find out if you need a visa for any of the countries you’re visiting.

Even if you are flying from the US to Canada or Mexico, you must bring your passport. If you need to travel internationally to get to your embarkation port. Make sure to bring a current driver’s license if you’re planning to rent a car before or after your cruise. Always check that it’s okay for you to drive in another country

How Can I Stay In Touch?

These days, anyone considering a cruise asks this question more frequently than any other. But it’s comforting to know that ship internet technology has advanced significantly in recent years for people worrying about back home. All major cruise lines have made significant investments in the most recent technology; some have even declared their ships to be “free Wi-Fi zones.” The most recent satellite systems can maintain constant contact with the “outside world.” Some lines, though, may charge you for it.

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How much cash should I bring on a cruise?

Depending on where you go and whether you want to shop or eat at new places while you’re in port, you’ll need to bring a certain amount of cash. Particularly in larger cities, many locations accept credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, and the majority of ports have plenty of ATMs.

Having some cash on hand is usually a smart idea, even if you prefer to pay with a card. Find out about the local currency and if U.S. dollars are accepted in the places you plan to travel before you go. If not, exchange some money beforehand to avoid wasting time in the port trying to change money.

Have We Required To Tip The Staff?

This is arguably the biggest pet peeve of travelers everywhere because it feels like a covert extra “charge” on your cruise, but it’s not. Tipping is merely an accepted practice on cruise ships and sincere gratitude for consistently excellent service. If you don’t receive decent service, you should let them know so they can take those “automatic” add-ons off of your account. However, unless you don’t usually leave a tip when you visit a restaurant or hotel, it shouldn’t bother you. If it truly does, search for cruise lines that insist gratuities are neither expected nor required.

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Should I Go On The Excursions Conducted By The Ship?

Excursions on ships can be pricey, and on longer cruises, the expense can mount up quickly. Therefore, before making any reservations, conduct some pre-cruise research. Find out if those ship tours can be booked through service providers on land or if they are unique experiences that are unlikely to be offered elsewhere.

How can I make my first cruise enjoyable?

Keep in mind that you are on vacation! Take a seat back and unwind, chat with new people at dinner, and try out new things. Put joy at the top of your priority list each day of your vacation and put your phone in airplane mode.

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