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Halal Travel Essentials

Halal Travel Essentials

It might be challenging to locate packing lists that are tailored to the needs of Muslims or hijabi travelers. The good news is that most of the goods you need to bring on vacation can fit in a single bag with some thought and careful planning. Always travel light and avoid long lineups for the bags. Here is the list of halal travel essentials:

Prayer Attire

Remember to bring a few spare headscarves and prayer garments when you travel. Prayer Attire for ladies can be heavy and bulky to carry around. As a result, seek out lightweight cotton prayer clothing that even includes bags of its own to make traveling even more convenient. These prayer garments can fit into a small handbag, making praying simpler while moving from place to place.

Prayer Mats

prayer mats and rugs

One of the most fundamental and necessary items that Muslim travelers should always have with them is a prayer mat. For this, plastic-lined travel mats are great because they are lightweight, extremely resilient, and do not easily get dirty. These mats typically come with a travel bag, which makes them portable and ideal when sightseeing or visiting locations during times of prayer when there isn’t a mosque nearby.

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Qibla Compass

qibla compass for prayers

To help determine prayer directions during prayer times, travelers can carry a compass needle. Some prayer mats are already equipped with built-in compasses and are available at most Islamic stores

Hijab Pins

If you are a female traveler throw a few extra hijab-color matching hijab pins into your toiletries bags as well for wardrobe malfunction emergencies. A few safety pins can come in handy in a variety of situations; consider lending some to a friend or traveling companion as well.

Water Bottles

travel water bottles

When traveling, always keep a water bottle with you. It will be useful at times when clean water is not readily available for wudu in addition to keeping you hydrated. Additionally, tourists should be cautious about filling up bottles with tap water, which may contain contaminants.

Collapsible Water Bottle (Portable Istinja)

For the istinja bottle, you can either purchase a portable bidet bottle or get a bit crafty (and save some space) by putting together an istinja bottle yourself using a collapsible water bottle and a special gardening topper. The extra tops can also fit most plastic soda and water bottles with ease.

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It is advised to have a few snacks with you in case Halal food is unavailable because it is not always available at specific locations. Do some research prior to travel to find out whether Halal food will be available at the destination and bring some snacks to places where Halal food seems to be challenging to find.

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Essential Documents

essential documents for travel

Last but not least, be sure to always have a copy of important documents on you. To prevent any mistakes or issues while traveling, always keep a copy of your identity card, passport, and covid vaccine record card on hand.


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