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Cruising During Hurricane Season

Cruising During Hurricane Season

The Caribbean experiences a hurricane season from June 1 to November 30. The peak of hurricane season occurs between mid-August and early November. So what happens if you are cruising during hurricane season?

First, you need to know that cruise lines do everything in their power to make sure the “cruise goes on”.  The cruise line will only ever genuinely cancel a cruise in exceptional circumstances. These vessels routinely outrun hurricanes and tropical depressions and steer clear of all hazardous weather.

Possible Rough Seas Conditions

The seas can be rough for anyone who gets seasick easily, so make sure you carry some motion sickness medicine with you. The bigger ships will not rock as much, but when you are really close to a big storm you will feel movement. This should not last long though, as the captain will try to get as far away from the storm as quickly as possible.

sailing around a storm,

While sailing around a storm, the waters won’t constantly be rough, and it won’t be quite as bad as you may have seen in the movies. If the weather gets too rough the shows will be canceled, and the pools will be emptied. Cruising in choppy waters is always an adventure, but if you can hang on, you might even extend your trip by a few extra days.

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Your Plan Could Change

cruising during hurricane season

You may have to change your plans if the hurricane is predicted to make landfall in one of the ports you were planning to visit.  Since there isn’t much you can do about the issue, it is best to just keep a positive outlook.  While the weather clears, you might travel to a different port or even spend an extra day there.

What About A Refund?

In most cases, cruise lines are likely to withhold a full reimbursement from you unless the entire cruise is canceled. This is a very rare thing because cruise lines do everything they can to keep out of harm’s way and sail around storms.

However, if you booked a 7-day cruise and a storm is expected to hit at that time, your stay may be cut short by a few days. The passengers may stay on board for an additional two days if a storm is approaching the ship.

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Travel Insurance- Important For Fall Cruises

A hurricane might not affect your trip at all or it might make your cruise miserable.  In case you lose a couple of days of your vacation. If your flight is canceled because of the weather and can’t make your cruise. It’s best to have travel insurance and be compensated.

With cruise travel insurance, you might receive compensation if the weather or another unanticipated catastrophe ruins your high-seas vacation. Be sure to check out travel Insurance guidelines to see everything that is covered with your cruise.

To Avoid Hurricane Season, Where Can I Cruise?

To avoid cruising during hurricane season, choose a location outside of the Caribbean. Pick storm-prone areas of the world to avoid sailing during hurricane season. Consider cruises to Alaska from May to September or European cruises from August to November.

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