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Saudi Arabia Is The Next King Of Cruising

Saudi Arabia Is The Next King Of Cruising

Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Islam. It is home to two of Islam’s holiest cities: Medina, where the Prophet (SAW) was born, and Makkah where every year, millions of Muslims from around the world travel to perform the Hajj and Umrah.

Most tourism in Saudi Arabia still primarily involves religious pilgrimages. However, there has been growth in the leisure tourism sector after establishing open borders which is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan.

Cruising in Saudi Arabia

Arabian Cruise

Due to the fact that Saudi Arabia, with its 1,640 miles of coastline, is both an oceanic and a desert nation, the cruise business has exploded just as the country is starting to welcome tourists from overseas.

Saudi Arabia opened up to cruise lines just before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Cruising is becoming a new and exciting way to explore Saudi Arabia. As part of the nation’s plan to draw 100 million local and foreign visitors by 2030, Saudi Arabia wants to welcome 1.3 million cruise passengers annually by 2035, establishing the Red Sea and Saudi port as a cruising hub.

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Saudi Port Cities

Saudi port for cruise

Saudi Arabia is the largest nation in the Arabian Peninsula. Its borders with Jordan, Iraq, the Red Sea, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait are all shared by this country in Western Asia. Saudi Arabia’s economy depends on its major ports because the country engages in considerable trade with both domestic and foreign nations.

The most prominent port cities and towns in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Jeddah Port
  • King Fahad Industrial Port Jubail
  • King Fahad Industrial Port Yanbu
  • King Abdulaziz Port Dammam

Jeddah is a homeport in Saudi Arabia and the starting point for Red Sea cruises. The average cruise length is 7 days, passengers may also get the opportunity to visit Jordan and Egypt.

Saudi e-Maritime Visa

Cruise industry rising in KSA

Saudi Arabia has introduced an electronic visa program for cruise travelers departing from the KSA or arriving at one of its ports. Cruise tourists with an e-maritime visa can fly into King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) and then travel by land to the port. To be eligible for the maritime eVisa for Saudi Arabia, travelers must have proof of a purchased cruise ticket. Passengers will also need a valid passport to apply for their cruise ship visa.

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List of 2023/2024 Cruises From Saudi Arabia

Embark on a Middle East cruise from Jeddah Port and travel through the Red Sea’s sun-kissed seas to discover Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and other countries.

MSC Cruises –
6 Night – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar – Dec. 2023 Sails
7 Night – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan – Jan. 2024 Sails
16 Night – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Italy, France – Nov. 2023 Sails

Silversea Cruises –
12 Night – Jeddah to Athens (Piraeus)

Saudi Arabia is a relatively advanced nation with a lot of infrastructure and sizable contemporary cities, but people still follow their traditions and customs. It’s a very fascinating country.

Saudi Arabia is the Next King of Cruising

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