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How To Stay Well And Avoid Sickness On A Cruise

How To Stay Well And Avoid Sickness On A Cruise

Being sick is the last thing you want when on the trip of your dreams. Some people may experience it, but most of the time it is entirely avoidable. It only takes one person to ruin the experience for a big number of guests on a cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers. Because of this, before boarding the ship, you must fill out a certificate certifying that you are healthy. Here we have some tips, on how to stay well and avoid sickness on a cruise.

Maintain Good Hand Hygiene

hand wash on cruise

Thankfully, cruise ships today make this quite simple. Sanitizing stations are located all over the ship, but if you don’t utilize them, they won’t help you. Simply establish the practice of regularly washing and sanitizing your hands.  With thousands of passengers sharing the same elevator buttons, handrails, and door knobs on a cruise ship, you’ll want to get rid of those germs regularly.

On a cruise ship, you continuously eat, so in addition to washing your hands before each meal, make sure to do it often. Additionally, try to keep your hands away from your face. Make sure your children are equally engaged in keeping their hands clean if you have any aboard the cruise.

Frequently Drink Water

Maintaining your health doesn’t have to cost you anything because water is one of the few drinks that are genuinely free on a cruise ship.  Coffee and soda should not be consumed on a daily basis as they just make your body more vulnerable to illness. Instead, drink clean water. Furthermore, the water on cruise ships is completely clean and safe to drink. It may even be cleaner than the water you drink at home due to the advanced filters used to ensure that the water on the entire ship is clean.

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Don’t Consume Junk Food In Excess

junk food on cruise

A cruise ship buffet is like a little piece of heaven, and once you see all the delectable foods on offer, it’s easy to just stuff yourself. But for those who avoid meat, there are also always healthy options available, including a dedicated vegan menu.

Remain Active And Moving

While on a cruise vacation, exercise might seem like a lot of work, but it’s crucial to keep your body moving and your blood flowing if you want to maintain your immune system strong. Naturally, you can always use the ship’s gym, which has weights, ellipticals, and treadmills, but even small choices, like using the stairs rather than the elevator, can help you maintain good health.

Cruise ships are quite long as well, so take a walk around the decks and explore a little. You don’t have to lose your mind to give your body the exercise it requires to fend off any potential illnesses.

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Enough Sleep And Rest

sleeping in cruise

You ought to be able to get adequate sleep on your cruise. Even though it can be enticing to want to stay up all night to take advantage of the cruise ship’s amenities and the after-hours refreshments, getting enough sleep is also essential for having a strong immune system. And even though the mornings are filled with wonderful activities, always prefer to sleep in, since this is going to be a vacation.

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